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From Rob Davies <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ and Durable Topic subscriptions after subscriber is uncleanly terminated
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2007 11:51:27 GMT
Hopefully your problem can be helped with some extra configuration -  
can you tell us what you are using at the moment ?

On Jul 18, 2007, at 10:14 AM, Simon Vicary wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have been having some issues which are currently show-stoppers  
> with the
> use of Durable subscriptions with Active MQ Topics for our large scale
> integration project.
> I've been writing the subscriber in C#, but the issue also remains  
> for the
> Java implementation. The standard approach for establishing a durable
> subscriber is to perform all the standard steps for setting up a  
> subscriber,
> along with setting a ClientID (to provide the unique ID for the  
> subscriber
> application), and calling CreateDurableConsumer on the session.
> On the first attempt, the subscription is established, and the  
> messages are
> correctly received.  If the subscriber is then shutdown in a  
> controlled
> manner manor, and the connection is correctly stopped and closed, then
> subsequent restarts of the subscriber will perform as expected.  
> Great, all
> works fine.
> However, under real failure scenarios (machine goes pop, or goes  
> offline for
> some reason resulting in a subscriber restart) the connection  
> doesn't have
> chance to correctly terminate the connection with the broker -  
> essentially
> an "uncontrolled shutdown".  This is where the problem arises.  If the
> subscriber now attempts to establish a durable subscription with  
> the same
> ClientID and name as before, the broker returns a 'Client XXX already
> connected' error, and prevents the connection from being made -  
> even though
> the previous client/subscriber is not actually connected, or even  
> running.
> This doesn’t seem to be time bound either - even waiting for a  
> period of
> time (minutes) and retrying, will produce the same results, so it's  
> not the
> socket in TIME_WAIT state which is causing it.
> After further investigation, I've discovered the following:
> Using Jconsole to look into the state of the broker, it seems that,
> following an uncontrolled client disconnect (as previously  
> performed) the
> previously created Connection instance is still classed (by the  
> broker) as
> being both live and connected, although it blatantly isn't  
> connected (or
> even live), because the client is no longer there.  This is  
> persisted by the
> broker, and never seems to be cleared (until a broker restart,  
> which is
> unacceptable in an enterprise scale environment just to recover from a
> single subscriber failure)
> The broker should detect the socket disconnect from the failed  
> subscriber,
> and clean up the connection status in the broker.
> Another observation is that if the connection is manually cleared  
> using
> Jconsole (using the relevant operation on the connection instance),  
> the
> subscriber can indeed reconnect using the durable subscription.
> Another observation is that this only happens if NO messages are  
> published
> to the topic during the subscriber downtime.  If however a message is
> published to the topic during the subscriber downtime, the broker will
> detect that the subscriber is no longer live, and clear up the  
> connection.
> This results in the subscriber being able to reconnect successfully.
> However, in production environments, we cannot guarantee that a  
> message will
> be sent on a topic during the subscriber downtime - although most  
> topics
> will have high utilisation, some have low throughput - but this  
> cannot be
> relied upon, and the failure of a single durable subscription will  
> result in
> the failure of the complete subscribing application.
> It seems that all the ActiveMQ unit tests (or the ones I've looked  
> at) to
> test the durability of the connection, perform orderly shutdown of the
> connection during the test.  This results in the broker correctly  
> cleaning
> the connection status, and the remaining tests being successful.
> Under other JMS implementations (namely Tibco EMS but I've  
> performed similar
> in the past with JBossMQ), this doesn't happen.  Many JMS resources  
> specify
> that if a durable subscription is attempted and one is already  
> established,
> then the existing subscription is overwritten, and the new one is
> established.  This doesn't seem to be the case with ActiveMQ -  
> instead it
> throws an exception.
> My main questions to the ActiveMQ forum are:
> 1) Is there a workaround for this to allow subsequent durable  
> subscriptions
> to work following an "uncontrolled" subscriber shutdown?
> 2) Does ActiveMQ have a configuration parameter to allow subsequent  
> durable
> subscriptions to overwrite existing ones (even if the existing ones  
> are
> actually dead connections)
> 3) Is there anything within ActiveMQ which can periodically test the
> connections in the broker to see if they are still live - if not,  
> then clean
> them up to overcome this problem
> 4) Has anybody else experienced this issue in a production quality
> environment or otherwise - I've seen many posts to do with 'Client XXX
> already connected' but nothing which resolves the issue other than  
> 'fixed in
> the 4.1…. Release'.  We are using 4.1.1 so we should see the fix -  
> this
> sounds like another issue which has slipped though the net.
> Any feedback on this would be much appreciated.
> Kind regards
> Simon Vicary
> Integration and Technical Delivery Lead.
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