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From Tom Samplonius <>
Subject Re: kaha store corrupted ? 100% CPU on ActiveMQ restart
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2007 05:11:13 GMT

----- "smo" <> wrote:
> Hi!
> I am facing a problem on restarting ActiveMQ.
> The CPU is at 100% and ActiveMQ is not available. The console hangs on
> this
> line :
> INFO  KahaStore                      - Kaha Store using data
> directory
> c:\ActiveMQ\activemq-data\kaha.db
> Here are the logs :
> activeMQlog.txt 
> Does somebody know what's happening??

  Are you sure Kaha is not doing a recovery?  Depending on the speed of your machine, a recovery
could take 40 minutes.

  You log does not indicate a recovery is running, but I don't recognize the log level you
are using.

  You can also try to delete the index files.  They will rebuilt on startup.  I've never tried
this, but was told to try it by one of the developers because I was hitting the "data--1"

  Also, what version of ActiveMQ?  Kaha has known bugs in 4.1.1.


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