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From Kit Plummer <>
Subject Re: network of broker: message does not forward between brokers and to consumer
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2007 04:01:20 GMT
I believe this has to do with the timing of the consumer connection and 
the network creation.  You'll need to ensure that the consumer connects 
after the NoB links are made.

hh_meta wrote:
> broker A, broker B forms a network of brokers. remote consumer connects to
> the network using multicast discovery, it could connect to any of the
> brokers in the network, let's say broker B. each broker has a producer.
> when message sends out via broker B, it sends to consumer right away. when
> message sends out broker A, it does not forward to broker B as expected, log
> says "No subscriptions registered, will not dispatch message at this time"
> this does not happen alwasys though. broker network TTL set to 100,
> dynamicOnly is false, conduitSubscription is false.

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