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From Kit Plummer <>
Subject Re: Network of Brokers & Master / Slave
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2007 18:10:54 GMT
ksu wrote:
> Is it possible to have a Network of Brokers where each of the brokers is a
> cluster of (File sharing) Master / Slave cluster? 
> The idea here to to build a system that has good performance characteristics
> and can be scaled easily by simply adding more brokers.   
> I see a couple of potential issues with this and am wondering if anyone has
> already tried to build something similar.

The short answer is yes.  You can manage the links between each broker 
and create hierarchies to your hearts desire.  Performance _is_ an issue 
- especially if you are bandwidth conscious.  You'll need to manage, as 
appropriate, what endpoints/destinations are allowed to be "shared" 
across your infrastructure (between each broker link).

I'm not exactly sure how the master/slave system can accommodate 
horizontal tiers...sorry.


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