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From Ladlestein <>
Subject Java <-> Rails/ActiveMessaging/FreeBSD
Date Sat, 28 Jul 2007 05:10:28 GMT

Hi all -

I have a requirement for asynch messaging between a Java producer (Windows
or Linux, not sure which) and a Ruby/Rails/ActiveMessaging consumer, which
is on FreeBSD.  I expect to use Stomp.  I'm reporting what I've found so
far, and asking for advice.

I've created a prototype and have been working with it for a few days.  It
implements a single message queue, with the producer and broker on JDK 1.5
and the consumer on Rails1.2.3/ActiveMessaging, all on the same Windows XP
Pro instance.  Each time I run the Java app, it sends ten text messages to
the queue, then terminates.  On the Ruby side, I use the poller script that
comes with the ActiveMessaging code base, which just waits for a message,
prints it, and then goes back to waiting.  I'm consuming messages using
ActiveMessaging's stomp adapter.

Here's what I've encountered:

- with a 5.0-SNAPSHOT broker (from 7/19), I get pretty uniformly good
results, although I do see stack traces on the broker's console from time to

- with a 4.1.1 broker, I've seen good results, except when I run the
producer while the consumer isn't running, and subsequently start the
consumer.  In that scenario, the consumer never prints anything about the
first message; it prints the next nine, though.  If the consumer is already
running when I run the consumer, it prints all ten.  I've tried using both
4.1.1 and 5.0-SNAPSHOT libraries on the producer and get the same result, as
long as I'm using the 4.1.1 broker.

I haven't started chasing down this strange bug yet, but I'd like to hear
any thoughts you might have.

I've also started trying to get things running on FreeBSD; I'm using FreeBSD
6.0-RELEASE, Diablo JDK 1.5.0_07-b01, and ActiveMQ 5.0-SNAPSHOT.  When I run
"mvn clean install", I get some failed tests, and some stack traces (which
might be fine).  I've attached a log from the run .  Here
some quick details;

The following tests fail:


The following tests give me stack traces:


I also get a "could not load class" error for each attempt the build makes
to generate HTML documentation.

I'm hoping someone can shed some light on these errors.


Larry Edelstein
Chris Richardson Consulting

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