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From ocoolio <>
Subject Re: Performance problem - On empty queue sender gets blocked - on filled queue it's OK
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2007 16:06:17 GMT


Well, okay, I see no one likes my questions, so I keep myself busy:
I've found out that it is basically a problem with Postgres! As soon as the
transaction is commited the ActiveMQ, Broker starts to do INSERTs on
Postgres wich takes forever. I think it might be a journal bug, since as
I've read, the journal should start committing the changes way after the
messages was received.
But back to postgres: I think commiting to the same table (producer) and
updating the same table (consumer) is just a very hard task for Postgres,
and concurrency kills performance.
I've tested with MSSQL 2005, however I receive strange stackoverflow
exception from the broker after ~1000 messages. However I think there were
no problems with performance (the producer did not slow down)! I've tried
MySQL as well but that's just a piece of... The performance was awful, worse
than anything I've tried with ActiveMQ. An uninstallation solved it :)

So, still no reply? :)



ocoolio wrote:
> Hello!
> Just a short extra info:
> the producer's first transaction is fast as usually! Then after commit, in
> the second transaction the .Send() takes forever.
> No matter if I create a new factory, connection, whatever, the producer is
> blocked. However, I can start a new instance (new exe, new process I mean)
> which can commit fast once, then slows down just like the first process.
> What it has to do with processes?
> What is happening? 
> Thanks,
> Adam
> ocoolio wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I have a bad performance problem:
>> Im using NMS with .NET (C#) and two Qs:
>> A server component listens on SUBMITQ. When message received, transforms
>> it and submits it to DESTQ. All done in one transaction
>> (AcknowledgementMode.Transactional and sess.Commit(), PrefetchSize=1).
>> This works great with stuffed queues (>10 msg pending) since the receiver
>> doenst block the producer.
>> The performance in this (filled q) case: ~130msg/sec on consumer.
>> The producer can send about 500msg/sec.
>> The problem comes when the consumer empties the q. When it happens the
>> producer becomes extremely slow (10msg/s) as well as the consumer. The q
>> remains empty so somehow the prod and cons waits for each other.
>> When I pause the consumer for a sec, the q gets a lot of messages and the
>> performance is back to normal: the producer sends with 500, the consumer
>> works with 130.
>> I use persistent messages, journal and PostgreSQL.
>> Because of .NET NMS, I cannot make async sends on the client, however the
>> 500/sec is just enough for me.
>> Please, tell me what this is, I just cannot figure it out. I dont want to
>> implement wait cycles on the consumer just to get the queue packed with
>> messages!
>> (ActiveMQ 5.0, 2007 07 10).
>> Thanks,
>> Adam

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