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From razaimperial <>
Subject ApacheMQ broker memory consumption and crash
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2007 21:14:05 GMT

Hi guys, 

Like others, Im doing a stress test on MQ. I dont think I have a config
issue but just in case. 

I am simulating lots of topic from 14 connections (in a real deployment each
stream would be a seperate connection), each connection has around X number
of topic. There is just one consumer subscribed to all of these topics. The
message size is quite large though, about 25k per packet, sent every 15
seconds for each topic.

The broker does fine until about 100 topics per connection in terms of CPU
utilization, but the memory footprint is quite large. The utilization
progressively increases (starts at around 5% (of 4GB)) and increases as more
topics join the system. However it doesnt go past 15.5% (translating to
around 600mb) and after 15.5 percent first the CPU utlization goes to 99%
lingers there for a few seconds (the broker is sending messages at this
point) and the broker just dies.

I've tried increasing the memory assigned to the broker but Im not sure if
Im doing it right. First off, there was the same behaviour by default, even
though the documentation says the default is 20mb RAM use, clearly not the
case. But even when I change that to 600mb or more, I get the exact same

Im editing the default apachemq.xml file that ships with the installation. 

Help much appreciated
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