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From Naresh Bhatia <>
Subject Re: How to ensure reliability of publish/subscribe against occassional network hiccup?
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2007 11:52:41 GMT

Tom Samplonius-2 wrote:
>   I don't understand the distinction between, "subscriber can not lose a
> message" vs. "subscriber can drop messages when it is disconnected". 
> Subscribers are only going to lose messages unless they disconnect, or are
> disconnected.  So I think you want durable messages.

Let me try to clarify my use case this way: I have a server that maintains
the master copy of all business (domain) objects. I have multiple thick
clients (Swing based) that replicate these objects and show them in various
views. I am using JMS publish/subscribe to keep the client objects in sync
with the server objects. This synchronization is only necessary when the
Swing client is running - when the user closes the app, all client state is
gone and no synchronization is necessary. That's what I meant by "there is
no need to receive messages when the subscriber is down or inactive". Given
this context and the assumption that I will use a transacted session or
acked messages at the client end, is durability necessary? In other words,
if an active JMS subscriber does not successfully ack a message (because of
a network hiccup), will ActiveMQ retry sending the message?

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