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From naga007 <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ Slowdown
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2007 13:45:18 GMT

I see u are using 4.1.1 and we are using DMX storage(SAN) to persist data and
its very fast.
 i see that u mentioned that performance degrades overtime( is it mins or
hours or days?). What is ur throughput rate and how much memory did u
configure for MemoryUsageManager?

naga007 wrote:
> which version of activemq are u using and Can u post ur activemq.xml
> file?.
> Anthrope wrote:
>> Hello,
>>      Our application is essentially a pipeline of processing engines that
>> communicate via JMS queues, and so far, ActiveMQ has been the JMS
>> implementation of our choice.  In our application, engines produce data
>> and dumping it onto a queue, and a number of engines read that data,
>> process it and dump them onto another queue that is in turn read from by
>> other engines downstream, and so on. We normally have one ActiveMQ
>> instance serving one queue, but that is configurable. The messages range
>> in size from 300k to 1M at the most.
>> Over the course of time, we've faced  different issues vis-a-vis
>> performance or stability but the problems have eventually been solved.
>> Now, we're close to going into production and are facing a serious hurdle
>> that threatens to delay our rollout.
>> The problem is this: over time, we notice that the average time it takes
>> to read from or write to a queue gradually increases until things become
>> so sluggish that we need to restart ActiveMQ. Our processing engines do
>> not need to be restarted because we're using the failover URL, and they
>> automatically reconnect. Once we restart ActiveMQ, things run fine for a
>> while before the sluggishness sets in. I have noticed no leaks in our own
>> application code, and ActiveMQ itself seems to be fine from a memory
>> usage standpoint.
>> Our configuration is as follows:
>> - ActiveMQ 4.1.1
>> - Linux  2.6.9-34.ELsmp
>> - Java 1.5.0_09
>> - Were using queues with transacted sessions
>> - We're using MySQL as the persistent store (Please not that we see this
>> problem arise with ALL store implementations, including our own homegrown
>> BDB store, which is why I am convinced it is not the store itself)
>> Does anyone have an idea as to where I might look, to solve this problem?
>> Thanks,
>> Prashanth

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