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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: About releases and bugs
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2007 10:01:59 GMT
On 6/28/07, Manuel Teira <> wrote:
> Rob Davies escribió:
> > ActiveMQ is deployed and used in lots of different scenarios. Given
> > the breadth of the project, its very difficult for a few people to
> > cover everything - which is why we encourage folks to participate and
> > help us out ;)
> And we are willing to help.
> I know this is a complex and great project, and I assume the complexity
> that involves making it work perfectly for all the different scenarios
> and test cases. My post was not intended to reproach you for the bugs
> I've found, only to know the best way to proceed.
> As you can see, I'm only asking a pair of questions about how to
> identify some changes we would need to backport to 4.1.1, if no more
> releases of the 4.1.x are expected. I want to get involved but it's
> difficult without a little feedback.

Welcome! :)

We should do a 4.1.2 release for sure; there's already some useful
fixes in there already but please feel free to backport any 5.0 fixes
you like and we can apply them to the 4.1.x branch & release. Details
of how to submit a patch are here...

Though there's also heaps of fixes already in 5.0 - so we should try
get that puppy out ASAP as there are so many things resolved there.

e.g. 133 issues resolved in 5.0 so far


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