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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: discovery
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2007 10:44:34 GMT
On 6/13/07, Torsten Curdt <> wrote:
> What I am investigation atm is service discovery and consequent inter
> service communication. ActiveMQ with zeroconf for broker discovery
> looks like a good fit for what I am after. So I am playing with
> 4.1.1. Doing my first baby steps I thought the following should give
> me a broker and the bus...
>      BrokerService broker = new BrokerService();
>      broker.setUseJmx(true);
>      broker.addConnector("zeroconf://");
>      broker.start();

So the broker's connector is TCP; as thats what the clients will use
to connect to it. Its just a discovery agent is added to advertise

Here's an example in XML

i.e. you need to add a ZeroConf based discovery agent.

>      ActiveMQConnectionFactory connectionFactory = new
> ActiveMQConnectionFactory("zeroconf://");
> As zeroconf is not included due to the LGPL license I've downloaded
> and now have jmdns in my classpath ...what else is missing?

jmdns is Apache licensed now. Its included in lib/optional of the release

> "zeroconf" still seems not to be registered yet. Also: IIUC the use
> of zeroconf is deprecated now and one should look into multicast
> instead. But using
>      BrokerService broker = new BrokerService();
>      broker.setUseJmx(true);
>      broker.addConnector("multicast://default");
>      broker.start();
> as provided in the docs gives me an exception requiring a host and port

Just out of interest; where in the docs is that example? I'll fix it :)

The docs in this area were a bit crusty & in some places none existent
:). So I've tried to tidy up a bit. There's a new discovery section at
the bottom of this page

in particular there's a page on the discovery transport (using our own
multicast discovery agent)

along with a page on the zeroconf transport

which also describe how to configure the broker.


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