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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: 2 questions about: activemq-cpp, activemq and jboss messaging
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2007 10:10:45 GMT
On 6/7/07, j0llyr0g3r <> wrote:
> Hey folks,
> scince i am quite new to jboss / jms i hope somebody can redeem me from my
> current confusion......:-)
> 1.) I have been reading for hours now, but still i don't know wether it is
> possible to use the activemq-cpp client together with the jboss-messaging.
> From what i read so far i conclude:
> - activemq-cpp only understands the protocols "openwire" and "stomp"
> - but reading through the jboss-documentation i couldn't figure out which
> protocol Jboss Messaging is using. I read the official documentation from
> here:
> but the used protocol is not mentioned at all?!
> So to cut it short: Which protocol is Jboss Messaging using and can i use
> Jboss Messaging together with the activemq-cpp client?

No idea; I doubt they use openwire or stomp. Though you could use
StompConnect to talk to any JMS provider using Stomp.

But why would you wanna use JBoss Messaging and not ActiveMQ?

> 2.) I read in the activemq-manual that activemq itself doesn't support
> encryption.


We support SSL; or you can plugin a custom message transformer to do
whatever you need.

> As far as i can tell, i would suppose that using jboss + jboss-messaging
> interacts more smoothly together (meaning that i would not have to implement
> anything at all, just configure and that's it), but - due to my dangerous
> smattering - i'm not sure at all.........

Well J2EE 1.4 defines the JCA Resource Adapter specification so that
ActiveMQ works just great in any J2EE container including JBoss 4.x.

I'm not really aware of many valid reasons to choose JBoss Messaging
over ActiveMQ; the only one I can think of is you've already paid
RedHat for support?


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