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From Phil Goodwin <>
Subject Re: Performance tests?
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2007 19:10:32 GMT
On 6/11/07 11:21 AM, "James Strachan" <> wrote:

> On 6/11/07, Phil Goodwin <> wrote:
>> I was unable to get a clean Maven build from the 4.1.1 sources for either
>> the base build or the performance testing without changing the POMs. Is that
>> a known issue, or something that other people don't run into?
> Since its a maven plugin, you don't need to build it yourself but
> should be able to just use the mvn plugins in your own pom or from a
> local build from the sources. What was the issue you hit?

The first was from the local build. I was unable to build activemq-optional,
which is part of the default build, because of an undeclared dependency on
log4j. I added the dependency to that pom.xml file and the build completed
without further errors.

The second was from the activemq-perftest directory after I'd built the
maven-activemq-perf-plugin. It's pom.xml lists the plugin groupId as,
"org.apache.activemq" when it is actually, "org.apache.activemq.tooling".
Before I changed it the build complained that the plugin could not be found,
afterwards it built and ran without complaint.

>> Also, what are the units of measure used in the results? I'm getting a
>> throughput of 6000+ something, for instance, but I don't know what that is
>> or how to use it to estimate real-world performance.
> Its usually messages/second.

Does it say what size the messages are? I didn't look very closely at the
default configuration. Maybe it's in there.

Thanks for your help,


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