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From Manuel Teira <>
Subject About releases and bugs
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2007 10:26:12 GMT

I will try to outline briefly our situation as activemq users:

We are embedding a 4.0.2 broker in our system. It is suffering some 
 - Memory leaks.
 - Locks trying to create or delete temporary queues (AMQ-1278). Still 
trying to reproduce it to verify this bug as fixed for us.
 - Inactivity exceptions in running channels, perhaps related with the 
leaks and the GC monopolizing the CPU time.

We are in the process of migrating to activemq 4.1.1. In our tests, as 
I've commented in a previous mail, we have found that:
  - Memory leaks are still happening, at least while creating temporary 
queues and consumers (AMQ-1297)

As this bug is a stopper for us, we tried, as it's usually recommended, 
with more recent snapshots, to see if the problems were fixed. So, we 
have found, using the more recent 5.0 snapshot:
  - The memory leaks seems to be fixed.
  - Already delete messages can be browsed using the JMX console (AMQ-1296)
  - Messages are (hardly ever, but happens) duplicated or not delivered. 
  - What seems random Inactivity exceptions in running and active 
channels. Perhaps related with AMQ-1146.

So, my first question is about next releases. I think I've read somewere 
that there will be a 4.1.2 release. I suppose that generated from svn 
branches/activemq-4.1. However, a recent fix like the one for AMQ-1146 
(related with the inactivity IO exceptions), was not applied on this 
branch. So, what does this mean? That this bug won't be fixed in a 
future 4.1.x release? That there would be no more 4.1.x ?

In the current situation, I think that the best release for us is 4.1.1, 
if we were able to fix the leakages (5.0 found bugs are stoppers for 
us). Any idea of what changes could have fixed that leakage?  I've also 
started to inspect the source code of the project. I  have to say  that, 
at a first glance, it looks great, well-organized and very modular. But 
it's hard for a newcomer to understand the whole thing and to find out 
where the different pieces go. Is there any guide for developers that 
could ease the learning process ?

Thanks, and best regards.

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