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From Chad Brandon <>
Subject java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException with Kaha
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2007 22:50:01 GMT

I actually filed this issue in JIRA a little while ago (however then I 
wasn't able to consistently duplicate it consistently then):  I'm now 
consistently seeing this issue (in a build of 4.2-SNAPSHOT as of 
yesterday 6/7/2007 as well).    I'm using a durable topic with Kaha 
persistence, and when I get around 200k messages into the topic (the 
consumer can't pull them off as fast as they are published) I start 
getting these errors consistently when I try to send any more messages.  
The error even occurs after the consumer pulls all messages from the 
topic and there are no more messages waiting.  The only way to get rid 
of it (from what I can tell), is to delete the data in the 
$ACTIVEMQ_HOME/data directory and restart activemq.  But obviously this 
isn't a good solution.   Before I start digging into the code, does 
anyone have any idea of why this occuring?



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