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From Tom Samplonius <>
Subject Re: Secure messaging?
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2007 07:06:18 GMT

----- "pascals" <> wrote:
> - The one at codehaus, which uses deprecated "socket" functions.

  The sockets extension is still available, though not installed by default.

> - A patched one that solves the "socket" issue.

  I've seen it posted here.  I assume it used the more flexible streams interface in PHP.

  If the Stomp client used Streams, it would be easier to add SSL support.  The PHP client
is pretty simple, so it wouldn't take long to fix it.

> - A PHP 5 version.

  The one on Codehaus runs under PHP5, so I don't know what this?  I'm using the stock Codehaus
Stomp client on PHP 5.1.2.


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