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From Tom Samplonius <>
Subject Re: Getting Stomp support to a usable state...
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2007 21:38:15 GMT

----- "James Strachan" <> wrote:
> On 6/2/07, Tom Samplonius <> wrote:
> >
> >   How much more work needs to occur to get Stomp protocol support to
> a usable state?
> Huh? :) Its very useable right now


  Another component of getting Stomp to a usable state, is releasing an ActiveMQ release with
Stomp support that doesn't have a serious bug(s).  4.1.1 loses un-acked Stomp messages.  This
is fixed in the 4.2-SNAPSHOT releases (at least the more current ones).

  To really get Stomp out there, we need a release of ActiveMQ with robust Stomp support.
 I hope this change to calling the next release 5.0 doesn't indicate that release of the next
version will be delayed.

  And the effort to get the PHP Stomp client fixed so it doesn't use deprecated socket functions,
and get it listed on PECL is good.  The Perl Net::Stomp library is good already, and available
on CPAN.  It is kind of a dis-service to Stomp that recommends
an older non-CPAN listed module.

  Also, how about your proposal to make persistent messages the default for Stomp?  I saw
a message from you in the mailing list archives about this?  I think this would be perfect
for the 5.0 release.



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