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From frodesto <>
Subject How do I deploy the ActiveMQ Resource Adapter in SJAS/Glassfish?
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2007 11:09:22 GMT


I'm trying to integrate ActiveMQ 4.1.1 with the Sun Java System Application
Server Platform Edition 9.0_01 (build b02-p01) (Glassfish). I want to be
able to inject an ActiveMQ ConnectionFactory and Queue into my session bean
via the @Resource(name=XXX) annotation. However getting this to work does
not seem straight forward.

The ActiveMQ front page says that ActiveMQ is "Tested inside popular J2EE
servers such as Geronimo, JBoss 4, GlassFish and WebLogic. Includes JCA 1.5
resource adaptors for inbound & outbound messaging so that ActiveMQ should
auto-deploy in any J2EE 1.4 compliant server". 

The documentation for the ActiveMQ Resource adapter has a link to a
Glassfish deployment guide at,
but this guide seems to be based on the genericjmsra, not the resource
adapter shipped with ActiveMQ ( \lib\optional\activemq-rar-4.1.1.rar I
assume?), and the procedure is quite far from the promised "auto-deploy".

The \lib\optional\activemq-rar-4.1.1.rar file auto-deploys without error
messages in SJAS, and gets listed in Admin Console under
"Applications->Connector Modules". But, there is not any trace of JNDI names
for the AcitveMQ Connection Factory etc.  Do I have to edit the
META-INF/ra.xml file in the activemq-rar-4.1.1.rar before deploying it to
get this to work? Can anyone explain what additional steps I have to take to
get this to work?

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