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From srasul <>
Subject Re: Memory Usage With No Subcribers and No Messages
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2007 11:16:16 GMT


I am no activeMQ expert... but... this might be the "fast-producer &
slow-consumer" issue. If you use Queues, and there is fast producer and a
slow consumer, you will eventually run out of memory.

this is because JMS has guaranteed message delivery. meaning any message you
send must be delivered, one way or another. So the message is persisted in
memory until someone comes along and consumes it. this could be why you are
running out of memory. you can see this in JConsole's JMX beans. check out
how many messages were put into a queue and how many were popped off it.

i guess the solution might be to:
- have messages that have short lifespan and are removed after a while if no
one consumes it. this may fix the issue, but could also just delay when you
run out memory
- use non-durable topics rather than queues where is message is discarded if
there is no-one around to consume it.



Jim_Cross wrote:
> So I tried the recommendation in another thread:
>     <memoryManager>
>        <usageManager id="memory-manager" limit="1048576"/>
>     </memoryManager>
> And it ran with the 20 subscribers, 15 publishers, around 15 messages
> every 2 seconds for just over an hour before again running out of memory
> (see graph below).
> This is a serious problem for us, as it seems memory usage never settles
> down.
> Jim_Cross wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm using ActiveMQ 4.1.1 on a Linux box, standard configuration plus a
>> single additional topic.
>> If I start ActiveMQ, and don't start any subscribers or producers (so no
>> subscriptions and no messages sent to the topic), and take a look at
>> JConsole, I see the attached memory usage - every minute heap usage goes
>> from ~4mb up to ~13mb, then gets garbage collected back down to 4mb.
>> Is this normal? 9mb seems like quite a lot of memory to be eating up over
>> the course of a minute when there's no activity at all.
>> The reason I started looking at this is that with approximately 20
>> non-durable subscribers, plus 15 producers each sending around 1 message
>> every couple of seconds, it runs fine for bout 20 mins, then hangs with
>> 100% memory usage.
>> I'm going to increase the available memory to the broker, to see whether
>> it settles down at a max somewhere over 20mb.
>> Any insight into why ActiveMQ uses so much memory when there's no
>> activity, and whether there are any config changes I can make to alter
>> this, gratefully received.
>> Jim

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