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From eta <>
Subject Re: Master/Slave on Weblogic
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2007 22:52:01 GMT

I've been messing with the JDBC database locker code recently, and yes, it
will work as you described.  The default database locker service start()
method will not return until it has acquired the lock, indicating that it is
the master broker.

I'm not sure what the recommended way around this would be, but what I would
do would be to run the BrokerService.start() method in a separate thread
from my servlet init() or service() methods.  This will at least allow the
servlet to fully deploy even though the broker has not yet fully initialized
because it is a slave.


wallace wrote:
> I am using activemq4.1.1 and weblogic 9.2.
> I integrated activemq into the war of my application. It is running fine
> in a standalone application. And I tried to deploy in a clustered env (2
> servers)and configure the activemq to use JDBC Master/Slave (they both use
> same JDBC datasource). I expected the apps to run as follows:
> - Both applications run in parallel
> - one bundled activemq server runs as mater and aother runs as slave.
> But turned out, the first application ran through and the bundled activemq
> server ran as Master. The second activemq server was waiting to acquire
> database lock to become master. It is expected. BUT it blocked the sec
> application from running. The server never reachec running mode, until I
> kill the other app and let the activemq server became master.
> Anyone has experienced this? What is the best practise to solve it?
> Thanks,
> -Wallace Wong

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