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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [camel] using camel spring container
Date Thu, 03 May 2007 11:42:14 GMT
On 5/3/07, dr.jeff <> wrote:
>   <camelContext id="camel"
> xmlns="">
>     <endpoint id="endpoint1" uri="mock:endpoint1"/>
>     <routes>
>     </routes>
>   </camelContext>
> This looks good, but how do I use it?
> I've tried things like:
> <from uri="endpoint1"/> and <from uri="#endpoint1"/> and <from
> endpoint="endpoint1"/> and <from endpoint="#endpoint1/>, but all of them
> fail, mostly for different reasons (eg. #endpoint1 is not an NMTOKEN).
> Surely it's obvious, but I'm missing it?

Ah I'd not done that bit yet :) I'd done it so that you can refer to
Endpoint instances as bean references inside a spring <property
name="foo" ref="someName"/>.

I've just implemented this so that now the <from> and <to> can be used
with the references

<from uri="theURI"/> or <from ref="theReference"/>

I've added a test case to show it in action...

Along the way I also removed the unnecesary <routes> element, so a
context can look like

  <endpoint ... />
  <endpoint ... />

  <route ... />
  <route ... />

So you'll wanna so an 'svn up' of all of camel and try the new xsd etc.


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