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From Atis <>
Subject Re: Error in prototype.js
Date Fri, 25 May 2007 17:54:02 GMT

I found some old unfinished topic, and i'm having the same problems.

> I did, and i find it quite easy and reliable to send e simple text message.
> In the portofolio.js, the datas are retrieved from HTML document, if i
> understood.
> What i want to do is send datas from an XML files loaded thanks to
> XMLHTTPRequest.
> On the website, it's said that it is possible to send well formed XML, how ?
> What's more, what about the error from prototype.js, does is come from me ?

In chat sample, there is some built-in prototype/behavior mechanism,
that automatically parses received XML. I need just plain XML in the
string (i plan to write it in pop-up window). I have closely inspected
received message object, by using firebug, but maximum i can get - is
some text version of XML.

Is there known any trick how can i get pure XML (as i passed it)?

As for prototype.js bugs (mentioned below), i replaced bundled with
latest version from
There is also patch somewhere in internet for bundled version.

My system:

Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_01-b06)
Fedora Core 5

Sending messages trough:
Stomp interface for PHP
PHP 5.2.0-10
Debian 4.1 Lenny


>Adrian Co wrote:
>> Have you tried looking at the portfolio.js and chat.js in
>> activemq-web-demo? It might help you.
>> didyeah971 wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am posting this message one more time, because the error still occurs.
>>> I am triyin to send an xml file via the ajax client, it seems to be
>>> published on the topic, and well received too by the listener, by i
>>> cannot
>>> use the message i receive.
>>> the contains a XMLDocument object, but i cannot handle it,
>>> using DOM methods.
>>> Otherwise, sometimes i have an error on the  protype.js, raised by
>>> FireFox
>>> WebDeveloper Toolbar, at line 52:
>>> $A is not defined
>>> Function.prototype.bind = function() {
>>>   var __method = this, args = $A(arguments), object = args.shift();
>>>   return function() {
>>>     return __method.apply(object, args.concat($A(arguments)));  Error
>>>   }
>>> }
>>> So i have 2 questions :
>>>  1 ) How cand i handle the received message with DOM  ?
>>>  2) Is the prototype.js error a bug or a it's caused by an error in my
>>> own
>>> script ?

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