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From "Mittler, Nathan" <>
Subject RE: JMS C/C++ client without a java proxy
Date Tue, 29 May 2007 17:13:38 GMT

> * CMS
> * Openwire C++
> * Amazon Openwire (in the sandbox)
> I could really use some decision guidance here.  So my questions
> are:
> 1. How C++-ish (as in STL-friendliness or so) are they?

I can really only speak to ActiveMQ-CPP ...
STL is used on the CMS interface, so it should be a fairly intuitive API

> 2. How stable/tested are they?

ActiveMQ-CPP has a suite of unit and integration tests and has gone
through several release cycles.

I believe the Openwire CPP client has several (fairly major) outstanding
bugs.  I can't really speak to the Amazon client.

> 3. How well are they maintained currently?

ActiveMQ-CPP is really the only client currently being maintained by the
AMQ team.  Our community has been growing over the past few months,
which has really helped us to work out many of the kinks.  You can view
our progress here

As far as how good a job we do at keeping up with bug reports, you'll
have to ask the community :)


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