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From Gaurav Hariani <>
Subject Connections from .NET producers not cleaned up
Date Fri, 25 May 2007 18:33:08 GMT
I have a simple producer in .NET that makes a connection, creates a 
producer, sends a message, calls close on the producer, session and 
The AcknowledgementMode is AcknowledgementMode.AutoAcknowledge
The producer is non persistent.

After the program exits, the openwire connection can still be seen in 
JMX using JConsole.

.NET message consumers are cleaned up properly.

This problem only occurs with the .NET producers, JAVA producers work 
fine and are cleaned up on exit.

I'm able to stop the connection using the stop operation on the MBean in 

This results in the following log messages.
2007-05-25 14:30:16,136 [13)-] DEBUG 
TransportConnection            - Stopping connection: /
2007-05-25 14:30:16,136 [13)-] DEBUG 
TransportConnection            - Stopped connection: /

and the number of active threads reduces by 1 when I do so.



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