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From Adam Lewandowski <>
Subject FailoverTransport preventing app server from stopping?
Date Tue, 15 May 2007 13:59:01 GMT
I'm using Spring's DefaultMessageListenerContainer inside of an app 
server instance to connect to a network of brokers using a failover 
transport. If the broker network becomes unavailable, the client 
correctly goes in to a loop attempting to reconnect. However, attempting 
to gracefully shut down the app server in which the client is running 
does not succeed. The FailoverTransport running within the 
DefaultMessageListenerContainer's thread is stuck in the reconnectTask's 
loop, repeatedly attempting to connect to broker network. Because this 
thread doesn't exit, the app server is hung and unable to stop. I've 
recreated this behavior in both Tomcat and WebSphere 5.1.

Is there some way to let the FailoverTransport that the show is over and 
it can go home? I see that calling stop() on the transport is about the 
only way to get it out of the loop, but I'm not sure how to accomplish 
that or if I do that it will ever acquire the reconnectMutex lock in 
time to do anything.

Adam Lewandowski

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