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From Jeff Wysong <>
Subject Peer network, windows box not joining.
Date Fri, 11 May 2007 02:30:08 GMT
Hey guys,

I have a clustered environment that contains three app servers and uses a shared file system
behind a load balancer.  I am trying to set up Mule 1.4 using ActiveMQ 4.1.1 inside of Spring
to have a JMS queue send messages from the clustered environment to an isolated windows machine.
 I have been trying to use the peer network protocol so any of the three app servers can send
the jms message to the isolated windows box.  The windows box is on the same network as the
clustered apps.  Here is a snip-it of my spring file:

    <bean id="jmsConnector" class="org.mule.providers.jms.JmsConnector">
        <property name="specification" value="1.1"/>
        <property name="connectionFactory" ref="connectionFactory"/>
        <property name="maxRedelivery" value="4"/>
        <property name="durable" value="true"/>

    <bean id="connectionFactory" class="org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQConnectionFactory">
        <property name="brokerURL" value="peer://${}/${}"/>

On one of the app servers, in the debug log I see that mule is "Sending message of type org.apache.activemq.command.ActiveMQTextMessage",
but the windows box does not appear to receive anything.  I did verify that the peer group
name is the same for each machine, but the host name is different for each machine.  What
could I be doing wrong???

Is there a better transport to use in this situation???  All three app servers need the ability
to send JMS messages to the windows box at any given time.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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