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From Tom Samplonius <>
Subject Re: Kind of "consumer faliover"
Date Wed, 30 May 2007 22:58:46 GMT

----- "ego" <> wrote:
> You're probably true. So here is my 'real' problem.
> I need a producer that publish let's say an event E1. I have 3
> different
> consumers, each doing a specific task with the event E1. For each
> consumer,
> I need to find a "backup" solution if the consumer fails, i.e. to
> automatically "switch" to a backup consumer so that no event is lost.
> The
> backup consumer must act as if it were the master consumer; something
> like a
> durable subscriber, but a subscriber that can automatically restart
> on
> another machine with the same "identity".
> No sure it's clear..............

  Well, it sounds a bit difficult.  I would say if the messages are small, just send three
copies, one to each queue, and use the exclusive consumer feature.  You can probably sent
all three messages in a transaction to make sure all or none are sent.

  I don't know if JMS has "presence" support, so a consumer can ask, or be notified if another
consumer disconnects.  You might see this in the XMPP protocol for ActiveMQ, but I have not
not look at it before.  I know the big advantage of XMPP, is presence (and discovery).  The
big downside to XMPP, is lack of confirmed delivery (no transactions, but XEP-Transaction
looks promising).  So if a client crashes while processing a message, you are not sure if
it finished that message or not.



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