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From "Ames, Andreas (Andreas)" <>
Subject Are there any figures about ActiveMQ's scalability
Date Tue, 29 May 2007 16:30:36 GMT
Hi all,

I'm in the process of evaluating ActiveMQ in a callcenter setting.
I'm unable to find figures about its scalability.

In my scenario I'll have a typical middletier server 'connected' 
to a diversity of frontend clients via ActiveMQ.  That will mean 
about 6000 pub/sub-channels for event delivery with at most two or 
three producers and a varying number of consumers.  Unfortunately 
I'll also have to provide some request/response-support.  I've 
read the recommendation to use temporary queues to deliver the 
responses.  As I might need to support (in the worst case) up to 
500 clients, I'm concerned about scalability (500 queues 

I'm only talking about non-persistent messages for the moment.  

I'm not yet decided about duplicate acks at the moment, I'll need to 
read a bit more and do some experimentation.

I'm expecting a maximum of about 12-15 messages per second at the 

I'm currently planning for a single (TCP-) connection per client 
(=> max. 500).

So out of your experience, would you say that a single broker can 
'easily' stand this load or should I I plan with a broker network 
right from the beginning?



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