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From j0llyr0g3r <>
Subject RE: JMS C/C++ client without a java proxy
Date Wed, 30 May 2007 12:51:14 GMT

Hi again....

First of all, thx for the replies....

1. Regarding the links for activemq-cpp on your website, URL:


    * Index
    * News
    * Getting Started -> refers to the same website
    * API -> refers to the same website
    * FAQ -> refers to the same website
    * Download -> refers to the same website

Using ActiveMQ-CPP

    * Getting Started -> leads directly to the activemq getting started
    * Example -> The requested URL /example.html was not found on this
    * Configuring -> The requested URL /configuring.html was not found on
this server.

The links you posted:

do work....

2. I looked at the example ( my C experiences is really a __long__ time
ago), but to me it seems that activemq-cpp is more of an API - which itself
is based on CMS -  than of a client?

So, writing an appropriate Client which uses activemq-cpp is up to the user,

Am i right or am i missing something here?

Best regards

Mittler, Nathan wrote:
>> * CMS
>> * Openwire C++
>> * Amazon Openwire (in the sandbox)
>> I could really use some decision guidance here.  So my questions
>> are:
>> 1. How C++-ish (as in STL-friendliness or so) are they?
> I can really only speak to ActiveMQ-CPP ...
> STL is used on the CMS interface, so it should be a fairly intuitive API
>> 2. How stable/tested are they?
> ActiveMQ-CPP has a suite of unit and integration tests and has gone
> through several release cycles.
> I believe the Openwire CPP client has several (fairly major) outstanding
> bugs.  I can't really speak to the Amazon client.
>> 3. How well are they maintained currently?
> ActiveMQ-CPP is really the only client currently being maintained by the
> AMQ team.  Our community has been growing over the past few months,
> which has really helped us to work out many of the kinks.  You can view
> our progress here
> As far as how good a job we do at keeping up with bug reports, you'll
> have to ask the community :)
> Regards,
> Nate

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