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From "James.Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Master/Slave Configuration With Non-Persistence - 2 Brokers Starting Problem
Date Tue, 22 May 2007 09:01:09 GMT

Franz Garsombke wrote:
> I have a situation where we want to have a non-persistent topic and run a
> master/slave configuration with our brokers. The problem is that if we
> define the broker as non-persistent a broker is started on each server in
> our cluster. Without defining something like the jdbcPersistenceAdapter we
> lose the ability to have a true master/slave relationship where one broker
> is waiting to gain an exclusive lock on a database they both
> startup.
> Is there any way to define a jdbcPersistenceAdapter (to get a true
> master/slave relationship) but make our topic non-persistent?
> Thanks in advance.
> Franz Garsombke

If you are using non-persistent messaging and you are using topics; why do
you want to use master/slave? Why not just run 2 brokers in a network? Could
you maybe explain a bit more about what you are really trying to achieve?


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