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From Pravin Kundal <>
Subject RE: Implementation of multithreading model on CMS ActiveMQ
Date Mon, 21 May 2007 16:33:36 GMT

I am trying to test it out using stomp.
But it is giving me exceptions 
On Consumer Client: ActiveMQConnectionFactory - unknown Transport Factory.

I tried with following brokerURI's

std::string brokerURI =   "stomp://localhost:61613"

std::string brokerURI =   "stomp://localhost:61613"

std::string brokerURI =   "stomp://localhost:61616"

can you please help us out?


Mittler, Nathan wrote:
>> In the case I will need to implement the concurrency control 
>> over the session, so that only one thread can use the 
>> session, as sessions are implemented for serial use? Rght?
> Yes, you should add your own concurrency control for the session.
>> I tried the first case in which i implemented the 
>> multithreading, each thread running its own session and each 
>> session having one producer. But the results were not even 
>> close to our requriment (result in msges/sec).
> Were you using openwire or stomp as the protocol?  We have seen cases
> where small messages with openwire cause extra delay due to the naggle
> algorithm and that message footprints are smaller than their stomp
> counterpart.  If you're using openwire, I suggest you switch over to
> stomp and see if you have different results.  If that does the trick,
> our next release will allow a user-specified TCP-NODELAY socket option
> that should fix the problem for openwire (for small messages).
>> Do you think the other case can give us the better results 
>> (i.e. "The ActiveMQ-CPP implementation, however, will allow 
>> you to share a session across threads.")
> Without understanding your particular usage of the client, I would guess
> that a different usage wouldn't help much.  Just to make sure, however,
> you could slightly modify our example application
> s/main.cpp and see if you can get it to meet your requirements.
> Regards,
> Nate

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