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From Mykola <>
Subject Redelivery Policy does not work AMQ 4.1.1
Date Fri, 04 May 2007 12:29:49 GMT

Hi All.
I fased the problem with redelivery policy, it simply does not work for
following config

	<bean id="jmsConnectionFactory"
		init-method="start" destroy-method="stop">
		<property name="connectionFactory">
				<property name="brokerURL"
					value="${jms.remotehost.uri}" />
				<property name="redeliveryPolicy">
					<bean class="org.apache.activemq.RedeliveryPolicy">
						<property name="backOffMultiplier" value="3"/>
						<property name="useExponentialBackOff" value="true"/>
						<property name="maximumRedeliveries" value="11"></property>
						<property name="initialRedeliveryDelay" value="2000"></property>

Listener, I'm using Spring Container with transaction enabled

        <property name="autoStartup" value="${jms.sms.start}" />
        <property name="concurrentConsumers"
value="${jms.sms.concurrent.consumers}" />
        <property name="connectionFactory" ref="jmsConnectionFactory" />
        <property name="destination" ref="jmsSmsDestination" />
        <property name="messageListener" ref="smsJmsListener" />
        <property name="sessionTransacted" value="true"></property>

In message bean I just put

   public void onMessage(Message message) {
        throw new IllegalArgumentException();

As a result I see endless calls of onMessage 
the same is if I set redelivery policy via URL like

What am I doing wrong? The queue I subscribe is 
	<bean id="jmsSmsDestination"

Thanks in advance
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