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Subject Message not sent to all Topic subscribers
Date Wed, 23 May 2007 15:11:39 GMT

I am connecting two (Tomcat) JDK 1.6 VMs using 4.1.1 external broker
as follows:

     VM1 (broker 1)             <---------------------------------  VM2 (broker 2)
        (main: broker 1)                                                          (main: broker
        (failover: broker 2)                                                      (failover:

I have a topic MyConfigChange. There are three subscribers to
this topic on both VM1 and VM2 (one in each webapp of the Tomcat VM).

I find that when VM1 publishes a message on this topic, the message is 
not deivered to all the subscribers on VM2.

    There are three webapps in VM2, and in each webapp, there is a subscriber
to the topic MyConfigChange. Let's call the subscribers S1, S2 and S3. 
When a webapp in VM1 publishes three MyConfigChange messages
M1, M2 and M3, I find that often S1 would get M1 and M2, and S2 would get 
M3. At other times, S1 and S2 would get M1, M3 and S3 would receive M2
and so on.

Am I not guaranteed that all subscribers S1, S2 and S3 would receive all
the issues messages on the topic, regardless of where the message was published
(whether Vm1 or Vm2)?

This is my configuration:

               <property name="sessionAcknowledgeModeName" value="AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE"/>
	       <property name="connectionFactory" ref="jmsFactory" />
	       <property name="destination" ref="topicCONFIG_CHANGE" />
	       <property name="messageListener" ref="Postmaster" />

(There is one instance of "Postmaster" in each webapp).

Any help appreciated,



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