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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Suggested implmentation?
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2007 15:53:30 GMT
On 4/17/07, mnishizawa <> wrote:
> Ok, so given the apparent ignorance of my last post, I will try to do a
> better job of asking a more informed question.
> I am now using the messaging system similar to the suggested design pattern
> and I am encountering an issue with message persistence.  I think it may be
> a problem of misunderstanding delivery modes.  I have set up my message
> queues like nodes in a lifecycle where each has a listener or group of
> listeners which perform the tasks for that stage of the lifecycle.
> Stage 1 is pre-registration, collecting all the data from outside sources,
> given the input, to perform the registration and posts a message back to the
> queue when done
> Stage 2 is performing the act of registration, posts message back to queue
> when complete
> Stage 3 is for all post-registration tasks
> Each listener is using selectors to determine which messages it should be
> picking up.  The broker is embedded into my code so when I start the broker,
> all the specified listeners start up.
> All of this works as expected, the problem is, even though I have
> acknowledged the messages, when I restart the broker it processes all the
> previously acknowledged messages again.

Are you sure you're not using transacted mode on your session? If you
are, you'll need to do session.commit() to actually confirm those



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