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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Consumer Failure and Redelivery Policy Behaviour Question
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2007 14:30:03 GMT
On 4/12/07, spiderman2 <> wrote:
> I have a broker (with a queue, NOT topic) on one host, and consumers on
> various other hosts. After a consumer has taken a persistent message from
> the Broker queue but dies before having processed it and ACK its completion,
> what happens?
> 1) Is the message redelivered to another consumer? (Through use of the
> failover://) or is the message lost?

Its delivered to *a* consumer. Typicaly if the original consumer dies
and reconnects, it *could* get the message when its replayed - but
usually another consumer would get it (since the redelivery would
probably happen before the original client can reconnect with

>    - if redelivered, where do i configure the timeout
>    - if redelivered, is that when the RedeliveryPolicy takes affect?

The redelivery timeout is only really used when the original consumer
is redeliverying the message (e.g. due to transaction rollbacks).

> 2) Would I be *required* to use transactional session to have this guarantee
> of delivery/redelivery?

No. Redelivery works for client acknowledgements and for transactional messaging



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