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From astepanenko <>
Subject DequeueCount is 0 even with active consumers
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2007 09:31:50 GMT

Dear all,

I'm new to ActiveMQ and have run into a problem when EnqueueCount and
DispatchCount for my queue in JConsole are increased accordingly with every
new message, but the DequeueCount is still 0, and my onMessage() handlers
are never called. I use ActiveMQ-4.2-incubator-SNAPSHOT. JConsole also
reports the correct number of consumers for the queue. What am I missing
here? Why messages are not delivered to my consumers? If they are dispatched
then to what destination?

The following piece of code creates a queue and registers a consumer to it:
        ActiveMQConnectionFactory connFactory = 
            new ActiveMQConnectionFactory(this.adminAccessUsername,
this.adminAccessPassword, this.tcpUrl);
        Connection amqConnection = connFactory.createConnection();
        Session amqSession = amqConnection.createSession(false,
        Queue controlQueue = amqSession.createQueue(exaControlQueue);        
        consumer = amqSession.createConsumer(controlQueue);
        consumer.setMessageListener(new ControlListener());
ControlListener implements MessageListener interface, but it's onMessage()
method is never called.

Thank you in advance,
Andrew Stepanenko
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