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From "Tim Morrow" <>
Subject Controlling location of activemq-data with maven plugin
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2007 15:26:42 GMT
Right now when I start the broker via the Maven plugin, it creates the
"activemq-data" directory in the directory from which I'm executing
Maven (the source directory) .  Given that I'm using the plugin for
integration-tests, I'd like to place activemq-data in the target
directory so that it is deleted automatically when I execute the
"clean" target.

After digging around, I found in org.apache.activemq.util.IOHelper
that there is a system property
( that controls the
placement of this directory.  It seems like it might be sensible for
the maven plugin to use the already defined "outputDirectory"
configuration setting (which defaults to target).

Does this make sense?  I don't know if keeping the activemq-data
directory around adds value when using the maven plugin.  With the
above mod, it will remain until you do a "clean".

I'll create a patch.



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