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From Daniel Gradecak <>
Subject Re: Connection pooling
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 09:34:38 GMT

> BTW thats really intended for folks who are using the JMS API directly
> rather than JmsTemplate
So for better performances it is better to use the API directly ?

> No you can't. JmsTemplate creates/closes all the JMS resources each
> time so you're only hope is to use only sending along with
> PooledConnectionFactory, or Jencks
I didnt really get. Do you mean that as I configured it, it will be done 
by Jencks out of the box, or should I
use directly the JcaPooledConnectionFactory without using JmsTemplate ?

Sorry for my not understanding :) It is just that after too much 
readings sometimes I cant see the finger in front of my nose.
I would just like to be sure I am not doing it wrong.


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