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From Daniel Gradecak <>
Subject are dispatch policies also made for queues?
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2007 23:48:54 GMT

I would like to dispatch messages to queue "listeners (receivers)" with 
different policies. As it is guaranteed for topics ( ),
I would like to plug some policies such as "less messages read" for 
example, meaning that the message will be delivered to a receiver that 
has read the less messages.
Is that also possible to know if a receiver is ready to receive the next 
message? For example imagine that there is 10 messages in the queue and 
there is only 2 receivers,
receiver 1 gets a message and untill the session is not commited or 
rolledback, the receiver 1 should not get any other messages. Is it 
possible with ActiveMQ and does it make sense to you guys?

Another question is, if activemq alows to somehow reorder a queue? Lets 
say, there is 10 messages agin in the queue, and someone (an admin guy) 
sees there is a message from a VIP
client, and says O.K, this messages needs to go on the top of the queue.

Please help me to sort this out, because i can not find this in the docs.


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