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From Manuel Teira <>
Subject Re: Best approach for HA message broker + grid
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2007 11:26:07 GMT
Thanks for your fast answer, James. Some doubts between the lines:

James Strachan escribió:
> On 4/3/07, Manuel Teira <> wrote:
>> Hello.
>> My aim is to have a set of brokers, running in different machines, to
>> consume messages coming from different clients, to be able to scale the
>> system for future needs. Furthermore, HA features are also required, to
>> protect the system on hardware malfunction.
>> Looking at the alternatives that ActiveMQ provides to achieve these
>> goals, it seems to me that I could get the grid behaviour using the
>> "Network of Brokers" feature, where all the brokers are "alive".
> Not quite. HA is done my Master/Slave. The "Network of Brokers" is
> purely for store and forward.
> Multiple Master/Slave clusters would do the trick; you may want to
> connect the broker clusters together in a store and forward network
> but its not essential.
So, would I need four servers for the minimal topology? Two master/slave 
pairs? How would I get grid behaviour  in this environment? Using 
"Network of brokers" among the or using failover:// protocol in clients?

>> I understand that  when more than one broker have consumers for a given
>> queue, the messages are shared among them. But in my first tests, I've
>> found that most of times, all the messages get consumed by one of the
>> brokers. Could this be caused by a (default) high prefetch value?
> When using store and forward, messages only move to another broker if
> there are no local consumers.

So, what can I do to get the message load shared among consumers in 
different brokers? Shouldn't messages be forwarded when there's not an 
idle local consumer?

>> Talking about the HA needs, I've read that a master-slave aproximation
>> could be used, but here I won't have the grid behaviour benefits of the
>> "Network of brokers" approach (as only one of the brokers is actually
>> active). I would like to have a combined behaviour, where messages
>> persist a hardware failure (better if restarting the failing node was
>> not needed to restore them), and where messages were shared among
>> consumers from different brokers.
>> I was thinking about using a "Network of Brokers" with a low prefetch
>> value for the shared queues and disable journal files, to minimize the
>> amount of messages "owned" by a given broker. As the database is located
>> in a different machine, I could always restart  a new broker using the
>> schema of the failing one. Is this a right approach?
> With Network Of Brokers, exactly one broker owns a message at any
> point in time so you are exposed to hardware failure & there is no HA.
> If a broker goes down, its messages remain lost until it is rebooted;
> whereas with Master/Slave you get HA.
So, to summarize. The only way to get combined HA and Grid features is 
to have master/slave groups using 'network of brokers', or clients using 
failover:// to get messages shared through the consumers in the 
different active brokers.

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