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From agrabil <>
Subject Network connector failover problems
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2007 19:24:12 GMT

I'm using ActiveMQ 4.1.1 and testing a scenario using network-connector
failover.  I have three brokers, A, B, and C.  On brokers A and B, I have
the ConsumerTool running, waiting for messages for MyQueue.  On broker C, I
have the following network-connector defined:

      <networkConnector name="failover-test"

When I start up the three brokers, C connects successfully to A.  Then, I
run the ProducerTool on broker C, posting messages to MyQueue, which happily
are consumed by the ConsumerTool waiting for messages there.

Now, I shutdown broker A (or pull the ethernet cable), and broker C is
notified, and appears to successfully "failover" to broker B.  That is, I
see the TCP connection from broker C established to the IP:61616 of broker
B.  However, if I now run the ProducerTool again on broker C, posting to
MyQueue, the messages are not sent to broker B, and are therefore not
consumed by that ConsumerTool that is waiting on B.  If I restart broker C
at this point (with broker A still down), it connects to broker B and
immediately forwards the persistent messages for MyQueue such that the
ConsumerTool receives them.

I see that Bug AMQ-734 seems to be related to this, but as I am running
4.1.1, which is where this bug is fixed, I think I may have a different

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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