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From mjparme <>
Subject Re: Request/Response with JMS
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2007 22:07:36 GMT

Ok, I figured out this one too. I just needed to put a little more thought
into it!

The client is creating a temp queue that _it_ will receive responses on, but
all clients will send to a well-known queue that the server has set up, each
message will have the temp queue in the JMSReplyTo() that the server should
send its response it!

mjparme wrote:
> Ok, I have another question...hopefully not as dumb as the first one.
> If the client creates the temporary queue how does the server know what
> queue to create a MessageConsumer on? Or does this pattern assume that the
> server knows about all of its clients at startup? Eventually the server
> needs to consume messages off of the Queue but if a client comes on line
> and creates itself a temporary queue the server has no way to know it
> needs to start consuming messages off of this queue. 
> I will have 0 to many clients that will come on/off line at will and each
> time they come online they need to request data models from my server
> process.
> I have done this in the past by using XMPP (Smack as the client libraries
> and Wildfire as the jabber server...multi-user chatroom=pub/sub, direct
> chat=point-to-point), but starting a new project and want to use something
> a little more standard for this.
> mjparme wrote:
>> This may be more of a general JMS question rather than Active MQ, but
>> hopefully people will help me out anyway. I read this doc:
>> Seems easy enough except how do I create a MessageProducer that is not
>> associated with a Destination? The JavaDoc for MessageProducer evens
>> mentions you can use a producer without a destination to implement
>> request/response:
>> "A client also has the option of creating a message producer without
>> supplying a destination. In this case, a destination must be provided
>> with every send operation. A typical use for this kind of message
>> producer is to send replies to requests using the request's JMSReplyTo
>> destination."
>> However, I don't see any method that lets me create a MessageProducer
>> without associating it with a Destination. The only Session method I see
>> is createProducer() and it takes a Destination parameter. So how do I
>> create a message Producer that isn't associated with a Destination so I
>> can set the Destination on every send?

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