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From Fredrik Jonson <>
Subject Re: Load testing ActiveMQ JMS
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2007 07:13:05 GMT
In <> birjupat wrote:
>  We have an application which we want to load test against. We want to
>  measure for e.g. number of messages processed per second by activeMQ
>  queue/topic.

Jmeter has JMS load test support almost[0] out-of-the-box, just set up a
jms test plan in the gui.Thorough documentation is available[1].

I think that is the easiest way to quickly manage a load test, since
jmeter will give you a lot of stuff for free. Like distributed testing,
and reporting. With little previous experience I was able to run a
simple p2p-test within a half hour of downloading jmeter.

[0] I had a little problem getting jmeter to pick up the activemq jar if
    I configured the classpath in the test plan directly (in the gui). A
    quick workaround is to drop the jar in the jmeter lib-directory and
    let jmeter work out the classpath instead. Oh, and the documentation
    mentions activemq 3.0 jar dependencies, but it works with activemq 4


Fredrik Jonson

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