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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: [Spam: 5.0] Not all threads being used, system underutilized
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2007 07:53:31 GMT
On 3/8/07, drvillo <> wrote:
> HI James
> thanks a lot, now it's clearer, but I still cannot figure
> out why only a portion of the session available are used.
> Is it possible that I'm not feeding the consumer fast enough,
> even if the queue is not empty?

Yeah it could be. Try flood the queue with heaps of messages first
before starting the MDBs?

> Moreover, using maxMessagesPerSession=1000 means that the
> queue size is = #pending messages-1000 ?

It means that each session will get its own buffer of 1000 messages -
just for that session - which will be buffered into RAM ASAP to boost

So you'll need more than maxMessagesPerSession * maxSessions messages
on the queue at any point in time to avoid starving the other

i.e. try a tiny value of maxMessagesPerSession (say 1) to get the
concurrency right, then increase it as and when you've enough messages


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