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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Stomp: how to reply to a client?
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2007 20:48:01 GMT
On 3/7/07, Thomas Gagné <> wrote:
> James Strachan wrote:
> > BTW one idea I had for making this kinda stuff easy to use on stomp
> > was to add a CONNECT header something like
> >
> > auto-reply-to: true
> >
> > And that would under the covers, create a temporary destination for
> > the client, subscribe to it, then append the reply-to header to each
> > SEND so that services can easily reply to them. It then saves the
> > stomp client with having to deal with the detail
> As long a I can send a "no-reply: true" header that would probably
> work.  Another option would be a specially formatted SUBSCRIBE request
> with some kind of weirdness going on in the "destination:" header.

Yeah - we could support a SUBSCRIBE where you specify /temp-queue and
the response could include the real generated destination name, that
the client could then use as the value of the reply-to going forward.
i.e. get the broker to create an actual temporary queue

> But the the purposes of my original question, I'm all set.


>  I used my
> session ID as the destination and everything's working fine.  I just
> need to figure out how I want my Connection and Frame object to interact
> so they can be as close to a Smalltalk idiom as possible.

Ah awesome, you're writing a Smalltalk Stomp client! Any chance you'll
make it available some place as open source?



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