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From "Xavier Toth" <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ object cleanup
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2007 18:55:38 GMT
On further inspection I see that there are a number of threads started
on behalf of ActiveMQ and I'm wondering if and how these ever get
cleaned up? I've included a super simplified example of a standalone
broker and client along with build and run scripts (the classpath will
have to be changed for these to work on another system). The run
script will generate a hprof dump on exit (Ctrl-C) that can be
inspected with 'hat'.

On 3/20/07, Xavier Toth <> wrote:
> I'm using Spring, Lingo and ActiveMQ. My processes routinely create
> new queues use them for awhile and then hopefully destroy them. But
> it's the last part that's got me concerned. I close the Spring context
> from which were created beans of class ActiveMQConnectionFactory,
> ActiveMQQueue, LingoRemoteInvocationFactory and a few others but
> despite my efforts to cleanup I'm getting OutOfMemory exceptions. I've
> run jmap and seen the number of instances of some of these classes growing
> overtime and through use. I've run hat on the hprof dumps and see that these
> objects are accessible from the rootset but it's unclear to me who is
> hanging on the their references. Is there anything I should be
> explicitly doing in my code when I close the context to make sure
> ActiveMQ cleans up it's objects? Are there any know memory leaks in
> ActiveMQ? I've experience similar results on 3.2.2 and 4.1.0.
> Ted

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