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From Daryl Richter <>
Subject Re: Help ! - Broker Hanging up
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2007 12:44:03 GMT
On 3/6/07 7:28 PM, "rabidgremlin" <> wrote:

> Would there be a separate buffer per connection ?
> Otherwise a broken listener would still cause all the others to block...
> Also with the current release would a slow listener cause all the other
> listeners to slow down because it is not clearing messages from the buffer
> fast enough ?

FWIW, this is a JMS flow control issue rather than ActiveMQ specific.  I
have the identical issues with SonicMQ, for example.  They have the same
"strategy" that Hiram describes below.

> Thanks
> Jonathan
> On 3/7/07, Hiram Chirino <> wrote:
>> In the next major version (trunk branch) we have made some major
>> strides in this area so that messages just go to disk on your senario
>> instead of being buffered in memory.  But all buffers (even ones on
>> disks) have limits and will eventually be reached.  So you have to
>> detect dead clients anyways to avoid running out of disk space.


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