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From facboy <>
Subject Re: [Spam: 5.0] daft question(s) about network of brokers
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2007 09:46:25 GMT

how do i embed the broker without specifying a broker name?  the embedded
broker always has a brokername = hostname, doesn't it?  if i use 'vm://'
then it doesn't seem to embed the broker properly, my MDBs don't read the
destinations any more.

am i even configuring this correctly?  i want a 'network' of jboss instances
so that I can send a message to a topic with a multicast (or rendezvous)
broker url, and an mdb on each jboss instance listening to the topic will
see the message.  does that make sense?

it seemed to work correctly earlier today, but now it goes into some
infinite loop of bouncing messages back and forth between the brokers.

James.Strachan wrote:
> On 3/15/07, facboy <> wrote:
>> I'm trying to setup a network of brokers here...currently running 2
>> instances
>> of jboss with ActiveMQ embedded.  both have virtually the same
>> configuration
>> (including the same brokerName).
> Broker's names are intended to be unique. Its better to not specify
> one if you're not gonna give them unique names (then it'll
> auto-generate one).
>>  if i configure the brokers for multicast
>> discovery and send a message to a topic on one of the brokers, the other
>> doesn't see it.  if i configure the brokers for rendezvous discovery,
>> then
>> both can see the message on the topic.
>> so,
>> (1) is this because the multicast discovery agent is 'filtering out'
>> broadcasts that have the same broker name as itself, because it thinks
>> they
>> are from itself?
> I think so yes
>> (2) is there a way around this, apart from manually changing all the
>> broker
>> names to be different?
> Don't specify a broker name
>> (3) is there a downside to using rendezvous instead of multicast (or vice
>> versa)
> The only real downside is another jar dependency and not being able to
> change the multicast address (so there's a chance of clashing with
> other rendezvous stuff)
> -- 
> James
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