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From Lorne Wilson <>
Subject Using JAAS in a broker embedded in JBOSS
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2007 22:43:04 GMT


I am using a fairly recent 4.2 SNAPSHOT

I am using the activemq-rar file from lib/optional and installing that to a
JBOSS server. It comes up and runs and seems to work fine. I am now trying
to configure the embedded broker to use the jaasAuthenticationPlugin to
provide a level of authentication for the broker. When I do that with the
base rar I get a JMS exception that traces back to the following:
Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:

When I look in the activemq-core-4.2-SNAPSHOT.jar file located in the rar,
sure enough it does not have anything from org/apache/activemq/jaas in it.
Looking at the pom.xml file in the build for the activemq-rar project I see
that jaas is specifically excluded from the target.

When I add the full apache-activemq-4.2-SNAPSHOT.jar to the library for
JBOSS everything works fine.

My question: What was the reason JAAS is excluded from the rar?

Second question: If you look at this svn commit:

It is pretty clear that Hiram changed the name of
JassCredentialCallbackHandler to JaasCredentialCallbackHandler. But if you
look in the trunk of the source tree, it is not changed. I'm just curious if
this is on purpose, or was this a change made in one branch and not
propagated to a new branch?

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