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From rbector <>
Subject Evaluating Embedded ActiveMQ - questions
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2007 18:48:27 GMT

   I am currently evaluating the feasibility of using ActiveMQ for our
system (which is a bunch of applications who want to interact using JMS).  I
had a few questions which I thought some of you may have answers to:

1) We'd prefer to use the embedded version of the broker. All communicating
applications would use the embedded broker so there would be no *server*
running. I've read that this Topology is supported by ActiveMQ. What are the
downsides of using this topology ? The upsides to me are - higher
performance because of one less hop and less maintenance. Comments ?

2) I would like to have the ability to create topics such that messages on
them are never deleted. Essentially, any consumer could attach to the topic
any point in time (even 30 days after the topic was created) and receive
older messages (Ideally - it should have the choice to start receiving
messages from a certain point in time in the past or from a certain ID). The
idea behind this approach is that consumers are more decoupled. They could
process some messages, checkpoint them internally and go away and come back
later.  I would like to try to understand if this is directly or indirectly
supported in ActiveMQ (or other JAVA based messaging systems that people
know of)

3) If there are n consumers interested in a certain topic, some of the
consumers may be away when messages on that topic are published. Whats the
behavior of ActiveMQ in such a scenario ?  Is the subscription information
maintained on a persistent basis (we'd like it to be).  (This is also in the
context of embedded broker - the broker is embedded inside the

Thank you in advance for your answers. 

- Rajeev

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